The Top Causes for Home Foundation Issues From a Concrete Expert

crackYou might have noticed a chain of foundation problems in your house. Most people are only left wondering on what the main cause of such problems is. The truth is that you cannot solve anything if you do not understand the cause of it. The same case applies to foundation problem. It is advised that you be very fast and smart in identifying some of the possible causes of foundation problems in your home. That way, you will be equipped properly to address the problems and avoid the same in the future. The sooner you address the issues, the better. For example, if you need foundation crack repair, it is best to fix the crack before it expands and grows.

There are so many things that can instigate problems in the foundation. However, some of them are mediocre while others are very serious. Whether serious or not, none of the causes should be snubbed. Here are some of the prime causes of foundation problems:

Plumbing Issues
You will realize that some houses or other structure rest squarely on the sewage line or the general plumbing system. If that describes your situation, the chances of you facing serious foundation problems are very high. This is because any leakage from the system below is enough to instigate a very serious problem on the foundation. It is very important to note that wetness can gradually ruin the structure of your house foundation. It is therefore greatly advised that you avoid running the plumbing system through the piece of land where you intend you establish your house. Better still, the plumbing system should not be anywhere close to the foundation of your house.

Tree Roots
Most people in the modern world tend to have great taste in residential vegetation. This is indisputably something great. The problem is that some of the trees planted in a residential compound may not be so friendly with the foundation and require a repair. They are not friendly in the sense that they spread out their roots to a far distance. In fact, the same roots grow thick and large. If the said roots run under the foundation of the house, then you should not expect anything short of ruins. Most cracks on the floor are as a result of such roots. It is advised that you get friendly residential trees instead of those with the capacity to destruct your house foundation.

Poor Soil Preparation
Soil preparation is something that must be done primarily. This is because you may not have the chance of doing so after the foundation, and the entire structure is established. It might interest you to know that majority of foundation problems are attributed to the poor soil that the foundation rests on. If you realize that the soil on the part you intend to construct your house is not so friendly, something should be done even if it means importing some. The soil has to be prepared well before the commencement of foundation construction. Often helical piers or piles are used to support a house that is resting on poor soil.

Poor Drainage
Most people do not hold much importance in drainage systems in their homes. Little did they know that drainage problems are a major cause of foundation problems. It is advised that you construct a drainage system that directs water away from the foundation and not the other way. That way, you will keep the foundation away from wetness.

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